Fats Domino – RIP (1928-2017)

Antoine Dominique Domino, Jr. (popularly called as Fats Domino) was an American rock & roll and R&B singer-songwriter and pianist. Fats Domino was born on February 26, 1928 and died in October 2017. He grew up and spent most of his life in the New Orleans, Louisiana area. Fats Domino initially drew national interest in 1949 with his song entitled “The Fat Man” produced by Imperial Records. The song features a playing piano while Fats Domino performs a “wah-wah” singing over an intense back beat. Over a million copies of the song were sold and is generally considered as the primary rock & roll song to achieve such success.

Fats DominoHe released several hits with co-writer and producer Dave Bartholomew, drummer Earl Palmer, and saxophonists Alvin Tyler and Herbert Hardesty. Other long-standing and famous musicians in the band of Fats Domino were saxophonists Lee Allen, Reggie Houston and the reliable bandleader of Fats Domino, Fred Kemp. Fats Domino went from rock & roll to pop mainstream in 1955 with “Aint’ That A Shame”, which reached the Top Ten, although Pat Boone naturally reached the first place with the song’s milder version that obtained broader radio airplay within a racially-isolated period. Fats Domino ultimately owned 37 out of the Top 40 hits.

The first album of Fats Domino, “Carry on Rockin”, was issued in 1955 and was then distributed once agian in 1956 as “Rock and Rollin’ with Fats Domino”.

In 1963, Fats Domino joined the ABC-Paramount Records. The brand ordered that Fats Domino record songs in Nashville instead in New Orleans. Bill Justis and Felton Jarvis were Fats Domino’s new arranger and producer, respectively, since his continuing partnership with Dave Bartholomew, who administered most of his hits in Imperial Records, seemed to end.

Justis and Jarvis changed the genre of Fats Domino a little bit, particularly by adding a countrypolitan-manner singing chorus to majority of his latest songs. While he was with ABC-Paramount Records, Fats Domino released 11 hits, but had just one song included in the Top 40 hits, the “Red Sails In The Sunset”. Even with the insufficient success in the chart, he continued to progressively record until 1970, abandoning ABC-Paramount Records in 1965 and singing songs for different brands including Mercury and Reprise.

In 1980s, Fats Domino chose to stay in New Orleans. He was convinced to occasionally perform for the president, founder and agent of Omni Attractions, Dianne Chenevert. Majority of his performances were within and close to New Orleans; however he also performed a concert at West End Market Place on October 24, 1986 in Dallas, Texas. Fats Domino was introduced in the Louisiana Music Hall of Fame in September 2007. In addition, Fats Domino was introduced in Ferriday’s Delta Music Museum Hall of Fame.

The popular classic hits of Fats Domino include “The Fat Man”, “Every Night about This Time”,  “The Girl I Love”, “I’m in Love Again”, “Mary, Oh Mary”, “Lady Madonna”, and a lot more.

Fats Domino was a significant musical inspiration between the 1960s and 1970s and is recognized by several leading musicians of that time.

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